You’ve never heard Super Mario Galaxy like this before.

Fan performances of game music are often hit-or-miss, but occasionally one will surface that makes us all stop and take pause. Case in point: the Super Mario Galaxy Medley as performed by Diwa de Leon, which is simultaneously haunting and entertaining.

The video features de Leon singing multiple parts of a capella arrangements, as well as playing the violin, hegalong (a two-string guitar native to the Philippines), djembe, tambourine, and guitar. His performances of the Super Mario Galaxy Theme, “Gusty Garden Galaxy”, “Dusty Dune Galaxy”, “Storytime (Rosalina)”, and “Fire/Ice Mario” pretty darn unique, not to mention that they’re nice to listen to.

Diwa de Leon is a musician based out of the Philippines and has been working professionally for over a decade. His work spans a wide variety of projects, including movies and television. Maybe Nintendo should consider hiring him for one of their upcoming projects.

Source: Geeks Are Sexy

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