Mario Golf: Super Rush, Speed Golf, Nintendo, Switch, overview trailer, Battle Golf

Nintendo has published a trailer detailing new characters, modes, and mechanics in Mario Golf: Super Rush. The five-minute overview trailer explains some things we had already seen before, such as the hectic Speed Golf, but the footage also gave us a look at Battle Golf, which will pit Nintendo Switch players against one another in an obstacle-filled battle arena. With different ways to analyze and plan your shots, the footage makes it seem as though Nintendo’s aim was to give players the tools to play a perfect game of golf.

The characters and their abilities get the spotlight too, with highlights including King Bob-omb, Pauline, and, finally, Chargin’ Chuck. Besides each individual’s unique stats, the characters also have special abilities to help them trample and outpace the competition. See the Mario Golf: Super Rush overview trailer below.

Mario Golf: Super Rush was announced back in February as Switch’s first Mario Golf entry. Nintendo fans have been without one of the plumber’s golf spinoffs since Mario Golf: World Tour came to Nintendo 3DS in 2014 seven years ago. Console owners have had an even longer wait, however, seeing as Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour launched almost 18 years ago.

Mario Golf: Super Rush will bring its new game modes and colorful cast of characters to Switch on June 25.

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