Mario Kart Reenactment Brings Together a Community


A group in Japan called Tokyo Gaijins hold events for Japanese locals and foreigners.

A group of people took to the streets of Shibuya on March 16 dressed as Mario Kart characters and cruised through the streets on go-karts. Participants were members of Tokyo Gaijins, a group based in Japan with the goal of bringing together foreigners and locals living in Japan to hang out together.

The go-karts are safe enough to ride without helmets, Akiba Karts has stated. The rental shop provided the karts to Tokyo Gaijins, happy to see the community taking part in the event. The group encourages participants to wear costumes (regardless whether the characters are actually in the Mario Kart universe), and they can rent costumes to wear during the event.

Tokyo Gaijins also organizes events outside of the Tokyo area. That same weekend the group held a skiing and snowboarding event in the mountains of Myoko. Other upcoming events include a beer festival, a charity party, paragliding, hiking, and another go-karting event in April.

Sign-ups for events are open on the group’s website. Twenty-six people attended the March go-karting event, and many more events are planned. Most activities are outdoor-oriented, many of which are sports. Most attendees tend to be of nationalities outside of Japan, and Tokyo Gaijins states about 30% of members are Japanese. The club is open to anyone living in Japan.

Source: Tokyo Gaijins via Anime News Network

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