Surprise! The post-Martian-apocalypse RPG Mars War Logs is now available on Steam.

It was nine days ago that we last looked at Mars War Logs, at which time there was still, to the best of anyone’s knowledge, no hard launch date beyond “May.” So it came as kind of a shock when the press release arrived this morning announcing that the game had already launched.

No, it’s not May, it’s just one of those things, although exactly which one I couldn’t say. The bottom line is that Mars War Logs is now on Steam and Spiders Studio has unleashed a new-ish trailer that digs a bit deeper into the future unpleasantness of the red planet. A lot of it has already been seen, but the focus this time is more on the story rather than the kick-in-the-face combat action that’s been at the fore of previous videos.

100 years after a planetary disaster left it cut off from Earth, Mars is wracked by war between powerful corporations struggling for control of the only resource that matters: water. Citizens live in camps as near-slaves, brutalized by security forces, while power is concentrated in the hands of “Technomancers” – because it’s an RPG, and you have to work that magic stuff in there somehow. There’s a powerful Total Recall vibe going on, and it unsurprisingly seems to fall to you to lead the uprising, although where it will ultimately lead is anybody’s guess.

The unexpected release means I haven’t yet had a chance to actually play the game and I don’t think anyone else has either, so while it looks potentially impressive, that’s as far as I’m prepared to commit. You pays your time, you takes your chances.

Gamers with 20 bucks and intrepid souls can pick up Mars War Logs now – yes, right now – on Steam.

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