Everything you ever wanted to know about Mars War Logs but were afraid to ask can now be found on its handy new website.

Our first look at Mars War Logs came in August of last year by way of a vaguely cool but completely uninformative 43-second glimpse at what appeared to be a cross between Total Recall (the good one) and The Road Warrior. Fortunately for those with a slightly deeper interest in what it’s all about, Focus Home Interactive has now launched a proper website that actually talks about the game in a surprising amount of detail.

Mars War Logs takes place on Mars – not much of a surprise there – nearly 100 years after a great catastrophe devastated the planet. As multi-talented adventurer Roy Temperance, you find yourself caught up in a conflict between powerful corporations for the most precious resource on the planet: water. The game will be a “full RPG,” with character development coming through combat and non-violent interactions, and plenty of side quests that provide the opportunity to earn experience and learn more about the world in which you’re playing. You’ll be able to buddy up with various NPCs as you go and maybe even do the BioWare Bop with some of them if you play your cards right, and of course you can guide Roy’s development throughout the game however you see fit via three different skill trees and an extensive crafting system.

All of this comes from the official new website, which is to say that it’s marketing, so take it for what it’s worth. The screenshots give off a distinctly combat-heavy vibe, but that may simply be because pictures of people having meaningful conversations don’t always make for the most compelling viewing material. The sci-fi backdrop sounds a bit soft too, although if you’re not prepared to gloss over the occasional plot hole or awkward contrivance you’re probably in the wrong hobby. I’m certainly intrigued, but I also have a very pronounced bias for European weirdness, which Mars War Logs definitely appears to be – and this “all style and no sense” trailer makes me want to try it even more.

Your mileage may vary, but if you find yourself even just mildly interested, you can find out more about Mars War Logs at mars-warlogs.com.

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