Remember the bonus stage in Street Fighter II where you have to beat up a car? Some genius decided to try it out in real life, and though he managed to pull it off, it looks like it was pretty painful.

Most of the time videogames don’t exactly translate well into real-life, but if you try really, really, really hard, maybe you can pull it off. Trying hard is certainly what an ultra-tough martial artist did in his attempt to recreate the famous bonus stage from Street Fighter II where you have to destroy a car under a time limit with nothing more than your bare fists.

Decked out in full-on Ryu gear, red headband and all, Mr. Badass can be seen in the above video punching, kicking, and throwing himself with complete abandon at a car in a junkyard. He softens up car parts with his fists and then rips them off with righteous fury. He uses a kick just like Ryu’s forward + medium kick move. Windshields are smashed. Doors are drop kicked and then ripped off their hinges. And there’s even a fireball of sorts at the very end.

Nevermind that this is probably some viral marketing for Samsung (the constant cuts to the Samsung camcorder recording the action are a dead giveaway). Just bask in the knowledge that somebody actually tried to do this and did do it. And feel sorry for the fact that they were probably sore for a week afterward because of it.

[Via Kotaku]

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