Four top directors are being considered, and Marvel’s also looking for screenwriters.

It’s been a long time coming, but Marvel’s beginning to gear up its efforts to put its mystic Doctor Strange on the big screen. Last time we heard anything about this, Johnny Depp was in the running for the top spot. Now Marvel’s in talks with four directors to bring this project to life. It’s also looking for writers, and has its metaphorical eye on some Kung Fu Panda alumni.

The director candidates include Mark Andrews of Brave fame, Nikolaj Arcel, writer and director of Oscar-nominated A Royal Affair, strange tales man Dean Israelite, and Warm BodiesJonathan Levine. Marvel’s hoping to find a writer and director team, or one person who can do both, and to that end it’s also talking to a few scriptwriters. Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, both from the Kung Fu Panda franchise, are in the screenplay camp, but nobody’s signed any contracts yet as far as we know.

Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme is a fairly heavy hitter in the Marvel universe, but so far he’s not enjoyed a movie adaptation, though he has had his own cartoon and a full length TV feature. If Marvel’s franchises hadn’t taken off in a big way, this wouldn’t be even a ghost of a possibility. Now Marvel has one or two blockbusters under its belt, as well as some soon-to-screen fan favourites, it looks as if Doctor Strange is next on the agenda.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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