Marvel, Sony Announce LittleBigPlanet Deal


Marvel Entertainment and Sony have announced a deal to create new content for LittleBigPlanet based on, you guessed it, famous Marvel Comics characters and comics.

The partnership was announced yesterday at Comic-Con in San Diego as part of a look at “the next generation of Marvel videogames.” No details have been revealed but the discussion included concept art of Iron Man, Captain America and Wolverine costumes to illustrate one possible direction the partnership could take.

While we don’t know what exactly to expect from this new relationship, it does open some intriguing possibilities for future crossovers. Will the release of new Marvel films result in official LittleBigPlanet crossovers? Could characters created specifically for LittleBigPlanet eventually find their way into a Marvel comic? (It’s happened before, you know.) Perhaps a bit more ominously, is it possible that Sony will begin to clamp down on user-created levels that tie in, unofficially, with the Marvel Universe?

It’s safe to say that some Marvel heroes are a lock to show up in the game, like Wolverine and Iron-Man, but I’m hoping for something a bit deeper. As a former fan of comics, I’m really looking forward to levels like “Cute-and-Cuddly Spider-Man Flies Into a Rage and Beats Soft-and-Fuzzy Sin Eater So Badly That He Cripples Him For Life.” Yeah, that’s the stuff that’ll get me to buy a PS3.

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