Marvel’s Jessica Jones Gets Release Date And Shiny Netflix Teaser


Season One of Marvel Jessica Jones will air on Netflix this November.

Marvel Studios pretty much knocks everything it produces out of the park, and its Netflix shows are proving no exception. First announced two years ago, each series will focus on street-level heroes and villains of the MCU. And after last spring’s Daredevil proved the concept had merit, it’s time to address Jessica Jones – a woman with little interest in being a superhero at all.

Based on the mature Marvel Comics series Alias, Jessica Jones introduces an ex-hero who switched careers following a horrific supervillain encounter. Now she runs “Alias Investigations”, a private detective agency whose cases usually involve superpowered individuals in New York City. And considering the events of Agents of SHIELD, it’s safe to say her workload just grew exponentially.

Krysten Ritter leads the series as Jessica Jones, while David Tennant plays the villainous Kilgrave. Mike Colter will also appear as Luke Cage, likely laying the groundwork for his own series, while Rachael Taylor and Carrie-Anne Moss fill in supporting roles as Trish and Harper.

There’s also a great new trailer, which while not giving anything away about Jessica Jones‘ characters, wonderfully encapsulates Alias‘ comic-book-noir style. One way or another, it’s pretty much guarenteed we’ll be discussing Jessica Jones more once all 13 episodes launch this Nov. 20, 2015.

Source: Marvel

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