Maryanne Snell Joins Oni Press

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Oni Press is pleased to announce the addition of Maryanne Snell to its staff. Beginning March 14th, 2005, Maryanne will take over marketing and sales of Oni Press publications to both the direct and mass market. Most recently the Professional Registrar at Comic-Con International and previously manager of Atlantis Fantasyworld for five years, Maryanne brings a varied experience base and unique understanding of the comics industry that is well fitted to Oni Press’ diverse line of publications.

“It’s funny, Maryanne and I would always talk and I would say that if we were ever able to hire someone, she was the only person we wanted and she would always reply that we were the only company that she would want to take that kind of position with. It’s just a perfect fit,” commented Oni Press publisher, Joe Nozemack. “Adding someone to focus on sales and marketing is something we’ve really wanted to do for some time now, but it required a certain rare type of person-Maryanne was exactly who we wanted.”

“This is the job I’ve wanted since I knew Oni existed,” said Maryanne Snell. “I have such regard for the books Oni produces, and I can’t wait to introduce new readers to them. Plus I get to work on a closer basis with the great retailers of this industry and help bring this wonderful product line to new venues- what could be better?”

“I couldn’t be happier to have Maryanne on board. It means that we can be sure that our titles are going to get the absolute best representation possible,” added Oni editor in chief James Lucas Jones. “Maryanne understands not only our philosophy and publishing line, but the retail mindset as well. I’m confident she’ll be able to get the fans, direct market retailers, and chain store buyers as excited about them as we are.”

Joe Ferrara, owner of Atlantis Fantasyworld commented, “How exciting! Oni is getting a bright, intelligent woman who not only loves comics, but has demonstrated an understanding and vast knowledge of how our industry works. She has charm and grace, whether she’s dealing with a consumer or the head of a company. Oni is lucky to have her.”

Nozemack concluded, “The comic industry is at a really pivotal moment in its evolution. The top stores in the direct market continue to grow beyond the typical ‘hobby’ base, new sales outlets are opening their doors to the product line, and the entertainment industry is finally realizing how to successfully adapt our incredibly large and diverse catalog to a mass audience. Maryanne understands how all these factors work together and what needs to be done to help retailers prosper in this new era.”

Snell will not relocate to Portland, Oregon, current home of the World Headquarters of Oni Press, but will instead remain in California in order to better service the large number of direct market stores located in the region, as well as have access to some of the nation’s top mass market retailers and media outlets.

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