Mash-Up Sculptures Mix Iron Man With Aliens, Gundam and More


Artist Sam Kwok has transformed Hot Toys’ Iron Man action figures into a series of brilliant mash-up sculptures.

If there’s one thing that Tony Stark has a ton of (besides money and charisma), it’s Iron Man suits. In the decades since the character was first conceived he’s gone through dozens of them. Heck, by the beginning Iron Man 3 he was already working on the 42nd version of his famous weapon’s system. Even with all of the designs he’s come up with however, there are some avenues that he’s never really explored. We’re talking, of course, about mash-ups.

Luckily for Marvel fans everywhere, there are others in this world willing to devote their skills to answering important questions like what a Hello Kitty Iron Man suit would look like. Artist Sam Kwok, for instance, spends his time transforming Hot Toys’ Iron Man action figures into custom sculptures combining Stark’s trademark armor with other figures from comics, film and pop culture. Among his creations are sculptures based on Batman, Optimus Prime, Spawn, Aliens and more.

In addition to these mash-ups, Kwok has also produced some impressive designs of his own and has also done a wide-range of modification work on other toys from different franchises. The full breadth of Kwok’s work can be found on his Facebook page. Take a look and let us know which ones are your favorites. Speaking personally, I rather love his Gundam and Zaku armors.
Source: Sam Kwok

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