Official Xbox Magazine have an exclusive interview with Bioware, and thanks to one brave soul armed only with a scanner, so does the rest of the internet.

Hey, want some good news about Mass Effect 2? Of course you do, so how does this grab you? Slow elevator rides, texture pop-in, boring planets? All gone. Instead we get suave fish-man assassins and a new car! That’s just some of the things that Bioware revealed to OXM ahead of their appearence at E3.

The scans – which you can find here – make for interesting reading. While they are a little vague on plot details, although we’re definitely going to see Asari planets and massive corporate space stations, and Shepherd isn’t dead at first, they’ve had plenty to say about their technical efforts. In between joking about the slow pace of the elevators and showing off new combat animations – two hundred just for Shepherd taking cover – is a clear sense that Bioware have listened to feedback from fans and made considerable efforts to improve the things that fell flat in the first game.

That’s right folks, Bioware not only listened to what you had to say, they actually care what you think. I don’t know about you, but Mass Effect 2 has just moved to the top of my list of ‘games-to-watch-at-E3.’ Expect plenty more updates on the game in the coming weeks.

Source: VG247

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