Mass Effect 3 Petition Demands the Truth About Aliens


Start your day off right with a Mass Effect 3 internet petition calling on the government of the United Kingdom to tell the truth about aliens.

This is not the sort of Mass Effect 3 petition you see every day. Instead of the usual angry internet piffle about Shepard’s gender or sexuality, or the use of day-one DLC or online passes, this call for action is just a wee bit different.

“The Citadel ignored Shepard – but you can make a difference by signing a petition calling for the government to release information about UFOs and extra-terrestrial life,” it says. “We need to secure 10,000 signatures to make the government listen and take notice of our case. Add your name and take part in a Mass Effect 3 campaign which could change the way we think about aliens forever.”

The site, at, leads to a Directgov petition to the U.K. Ministry of Defense calling for a public inquiry into “the UFO phenomena and any possible extraterrestrial involvement.” It’s rung up around 300 signatures at last count, well short of the target, but there’s plenty of time left as the petition doesn’t close until mid-August.

So how about it, people? Will you ignore Shepard too – or will stand up and demand the truth? The truth – it’s out there!

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