Mass Effect to See New Downloadable Content


Electronic Arts recently announced a sequel to BioWare’s si-fi epic, but the Canadian developer isn’t done with the original just yet.

The universe of Mass Effect has been positively buzzing with information, even if most of it isn’t particularly detailed. It was only a week ago that we learned that not only is BioWare currently prepping a long overdue patch for the PC release of its highly acclaimed sci-fi roleplaying game, but a sequel as well, scheduled for an early 2010 release for the Xbox 360 and PC.

Now, thanks to the folks at Cinemablend, we’re learning that BioWare’s plans for Commander Sheppard’s original adventure won’t end with the upcoming PC patch, but a new piece of downloadable content. While no details were revealed, a BioWare representative, speaking at New York Comic Con, confirmed that a new downloadable episode will be making its way to the original Mass Effect.

It’s been quite some time since players have seen any new content to the original game. The first and only downloadable episode, “Bring Down the Sky,” was released in July 2008, and brought only about 90 minutes worth of new gameplay to the (roughly) 16 hour long original game. Not a whole lot for those who found themselves quite attached to the carefully crafted universe, so hopefully, this new batch of content will satiate those players.

Via: Shacknews

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