Mass Effect Trilogy remaster bioware ea

The rumor mill is hot right now, and it looks like the long-awaited Mass Effect Trilogy remaster might be announced tomorrow. Of course, tomorrow’s date is of significance to Mass Effect fans because it coincides with Nov. 7, celebrated as “N7 Day” in the community.

Knowledge of the existence of a remaster began back in May, when VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb stated that a Mass Effect Trilogy remake or remaster was in development. Additionally, a Portuguese retailer had listings of a Mass Effect remaster on its online store back in September, but they were removed later.

To top it all off, last month, Mass Effect Legendary Edition was rated in Korea, providing further speculation that it would be announced soon.

Today, Jeff Grubb posted the above image of what is presumably the cover of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, albeit blurred out. Several other games industry people have hinted that it would be announced tomorrow, including USgamer’s Kat Bailey, Game Informer’s Liana Ruppert, and Taylor Lyles at The Verge. Our own source at The Escapist also corroborates this.

Currently, it’s assumed that the game will launch on current-generation consoles, but there’s a possibility for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S versions as well. Also, even though the Portuguese retail leak listed a Nintendo Switch version, Grubb says there is no such thing at this time. We’ll all know for sure tomorrow!

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