A timeless adventure starring that iconic green-clad videogame hero. No, the other one.

It really is amazing how much of our memories are derived from sound. All it takes is the little opening glissando of that MIDI-ified piano from the Ocarina of Time title screen, and I instantly feel like a 13-year-old kid again, sitting in my basement with all the lights turned off as I start my latest Zelda adventure.

That aside, the above video is the first part of The Legend of Halo: The Quest for Recon, a little machinima project featuring one user’s quest for the extremely rare Recon armor in Halo 3 done in the style of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. And when I say “done in the style of,” I mean that this guy absolutely nailed the feel of the N64 classic. From the camera angles as the Master Chief opens doors to the boss intro (how do you pronounce an apostrophe at the end of a word, exactly?), it’s 100% Zelda … just, you know, starring a SPARTAN-II instead of a little fairy boy in tights.

It might not look like a very exciting game to play (and boy, is it ever clear that Halo isn’t meant to be a third-person action game) but the guy earns an A+ on effort and nostalgia value alone.

(Via GoNintendo)

(Update: Some wonkiness with the Machinima YouTube video. Replaced with a mirror until that gets fixed)

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