Master the New Pokemon GO Search Bar With These Tips & Tricks

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The new raid update for Pokemon GO is out and available for anyone, and it doesn’t just bring raids to the table. You can also use the search bar to find what you’re looking for with these simple tips and tricks.

Raids are the big draw of update 1.37.1 / 0.67.1, but there are more than a few handy alternative features you can explore. The search bar allows you to find Pokemon in your collection with ease. Organize by HP amounts, evolutions, specific species, types, or even Pokemon in specific CP ranges.

Here’s everything you need to know about becoming a Pokemon Search Bar master, sourced from the good people (and their suggestions) on the Pokemon GO reddit.

How To Use The Search Bar | Tips & Tricks

The search bar is a new addition to Pokemon GO, finally letting you find and organize your collection menu without using alternate naming schemes. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to sort those Pokes properly.

  • Enter any number into Search to find any Pokedex entries associated with that number.
  • Search “Evolve” for a list of all Pokemon ready to evolve.
  • Search type (Fire, Water, Ice, Etc) to see all Pokemon of that type.
  • Search “CP#-#” to find Pokemon of a certain CP range. For example, search CP50-100 to find all entries in that range.
  • You can also search multiple ranges of Pokedex entries with numbers separated by commas. “1-9, 25-26, 152-160” will find all Pikachu, all starters and all starter evolutions.
  • Search “HP#-#” to search Pokemon in a certain HP range. Works just like the CP range search.

This is just the start of our Pokemon GO coverage. Check back soon for more articles, guides and updates detailing all the new features available in the massive update as it is rolled out globally in the next few days.

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