Since Robin Hood hasn’t graced a screen in the past month or so, the Wachowskis have decided the time is ripe to film an updated, modern spin on it.

The most recent adaptation of Robin Hood opened in theaters seven months ago next week, so the timing seems just about right for another one. The Wachowskis (The Matrix, Speed Racer) have just sold Warner Bros. a modern take on the robber of the rich, and are currently looking for a cast. They’ve reportedly approached Will Smith, who infamously passed when they offered him the role of Neo in The Matrix. Yes, that happened.

The film is called Hood, and The Hollywood Reported describes it as “a modern, urban take on the Robin Hood myth.” That description may be vague, but it’s practically a spoiler for Andy and Lana Wachowski, who generally keep mum regarding upcoming projects. The siblings will write and direct the film, as they have for Speed Racer, Bound, and the entire Matrix trilogy.

This isn’t the duo’s only project in the works right now. The Hollywood Reporter reminds everyone that the Wachowskis are still putting together “their Iraqi war movie CN-9,” about which we also know a great deal. As The Reporter tells it, the film is “told from the point of view of archeologists piecing together events from the U.S. occupation of Iraq using found footage [which] includes two male soldiers falling in love and a plot to assassinate George W. Bush.” The film, also known as Cobalt Neutral 9, is still in want of additional financing.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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