Matt Damon is Back in New Jason Bourne Trailer


The first trailer for Jason Bourne shows off Matt Damon returning to the role he made famous.

Matt Damon is back as Jason Bourne. After three successful films as Robert Ludlum’s amnesiac super-spy, Damon stepped away, as did director Paul Greengrass. After an ill-fated 2012 reboot (The Bourne Legacy) starring Jeremy Renner flopped, the series went dormant. Until now.

For the new film, Damon and Greengrass have returned. Bourne’s been under the radar for about a decade, but Greengrass says he’s been keeping himself in shape. “He’s been in the shadows of Europe. He’s been active and he’s been doing hard physical work. Definitely not sunning himself on the beach,” the director told EW

Hopefully, the new film will recapture the magic of the first Bourne movie. Do you think it will? Tell us in the forums!

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