The lengthy new Max Payne 3 gameplay trailer moves slow, fires wild and looks hot.

When word came out that the new Max Payne game would take our favorite grizzled New York City detective out of the urban jungle and drop him, bald, drunk and wife-beater’d, into the mean streets of Sao Paulo, hearts around the world [at least a few of them, anyway] sunk. How could this be a Max Payne game if everything that made the first two so great has been stripped away?

It turns out that not everything is gone. Sam may be a little thicker than we remember him, but he’s still got that warm, soothing, teddy bear voice, and he’s still as cheerful as ever. Bullet-time is also still around, which probably goes without saying, but it’s been tweaked and tuned to make it even more cinematic.

“We definitely want it to feel like a Max Payne game, but we also want it to feel like a very contemporary game, and so we really tried to recreate the feel that players would have had when they played the first games,” explained Art Director Rob Nelson. “We really just tried to keep the fundamentals of Max intact, but make sure they held up to today’s standards.”

Max Payne 3 is currently scheduled to come out in March 2012 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

via: GameTrailers

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