A Canadian mayor celebrated his ex-wife’s birthday by dumping a twenty-ton boulder on her lawn. He claims she always wanted a “big rock.”

What is it with mayors lately? Not too long ago, a Lithuanian mayor made headlines by flattening some guy’s car in a tank. In a similar act involving large machines and hilarious irresponsibility, the mayor of St-Theodore-d’Acton, a small town just outside of Montreal, had his excavation company deposit a huge-ass rock on his ex-wife’s front lawn in the middle of the night. The woman, who divorced the mayor last year ending a decade-long marriage, awoke Sunday morning to find the boulder, complete with a pretty pink bow and a spray painted message that read “Happy Birthday, Isa.” She promptly contacted the police.

When questioned about the incident by a local newspaper, the mayor used the opportunity to crack a few terrible jokes. “She always wanted a big rock,” he quipped, “Well this one is between 18 and 24 carat-tons.” Personally, I feel he missed a perfect opportunity for an eye-wateringly bad joke about her being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

At first the mayor steadfastly refused to remove the rock, but he eventually caved (hoho) to pressure from the police and had his excavation company transport the offending boulder back across town. It is not yet clear whether the mayor will face criminal charges.

Source: CTV Canada

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