MechAssault Devs Reveal Reign of Thunder


Get ready for Reign of Thunder, the new giant fighting robot game from MechAssault creator Day 1 Studios.

Day 1 Studios put out a “storm warning” last week, promising a “return to its roots” that would soon be revealed to all. Between Day 1’s development history and the huge mechanical foot that slammed down in the brief teaser, there was never any question that giant fighting robots would somehow be involved. But it’s not MechAssault; it’s Reign of Thunder, a new mech combat game that, based on the debut gameplay trailer, looks like it will fall somewhere between the quickness of Hawken and the everything else of Mechwarrior Online.

“Mech fans have been asking us for years to return to the genre and we’ve been listening,” the Day 1 Studios blog says. “Reign of Thunder is an all new Mech IP being developed by the people who brought you the award-winning MechAssault series. We’ve been hard at work creating a hard-hitting, fast-paced, explosive action game with all the customization options you could ever want.”

Reign of Thunder will be a “frenetic, third-person action-combat game” featuring “thousands of weapon, shield and gadget combinations,” with regular releases of new mechs and equipment planned for the future. Factions and clans will be supported for team-based gameplay, and players will be able to host their own custom matches. Unlike it’s MechAssault predecessors, Reign of Thunder is a brand-new IP and not affiliated with Battletech in any way.

A website is up at, although at this point there’s not much to see beyond the trailer and a link to the sparsely-populated forums. No release date has been set, but you can sign up for news and updates at

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