Mechwarrior Tactics Prepares to Drop


The countdown to Mechwarrior Tactics is on!

And what, you may wonder, is Mechwarrior Tactics? Honestly, I have no idea. Facebook says it’s a “brand-new Mechwarrior game set in the Battletech universe” for the PC that’s due out sometime in 2012. That’s not much to go on, but that’s the whole point of countdowns, right?

It’s being co-developed by British Columbia-based studios Acronym Games and Roadhouse Interactive, who also worked together on Family Guy Online, perhaps not the most ringing endorsement ever for a giant fighting robot game, but let’s not rush to judgment. Infinite Game Publishing, which according to its website has a hand of some sort in Piranha Game’s upcoming Mecharrior Online, is also involved in the project, and the whole thing appears to be duly licensed by Microsoft.

It’s not what you’d call a huge pile of useful information but if you want to jump in early anyway, you can register now at Stay tuned!

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