The next heroes to join the Heroes of The Storm nexus have been revealed.

Big news for Heroes of The Storm fans today – Blizzard has revealed not just the next hero, but the next two heroes to join the nexus, alongside their respective release dates.

First up will be Chrome – a long-range artillery mage with the ability to bend time to her will – who will launch during the week of May 17. Her abilities are as follows:

  • Trait (D) Time Walker
    Chromie learns her talents 1 level early
  • (Q) Dragon’s Breath
    After 1 second, Chromie fires a long range bolt, which hits the first enemy Hero in its path for high damage.
  • (W) Dragon’s Breath
    After 1.5 seconds, a rain of sand blasts the target area, damaging enemies.
  • (E) Time Trap
    Place a trap on the ground. When an enemy Hero walks over it, they are Stasis’d for 2 seconds.
  • (R1) Slowing Sands
    Conjure a field of sand at the target area, which Chromie can keep up indefinitely, to slow enemies that walk through it.
  • (R2) Temporal Loop
    Target enemy Hero. After 3 seconds, they are returned to the location they were when you used this.

Chromie will be followed by Medivh on the week of June 14, who should be fairly familiar to Warcraft fans. Medivh is another mage character, with more of a support role – he can create portals for his team and become an invulnerable Raven. Here are his abilities:

  • (Trait) Transform: Raven
    Using (Z) turn Medivh into a Raven, giving him the ability to see and fly over terrain. While in Raven form, Medivh is invulnerable and untargetable.
  • (Q) Arcane Rift
    Fire off a bolt of energy in a line, damaging enemies in its path.
  • (W) Force of Will
    Project your will onto an allied Hero, making them Protected for 1.5 seconds, preventing all damage done to the target.
  • (E) Portal
    Create a portal at Medivh’s feet and at the target point that lasts for 6 seconds.
  • (R1) Poly Bomb
    Polymorph a target Hero. After 1.5 seconds, any nearby Heroes are also polymorphed.
  • (R2) Ley Line Seal
    Fire off a blast of energy down the ley lines, putting any enemy Heroes in its path in Stasis for 3 seconds.

Check them both out, alongside some upcoming skins and mounts, in the video above.

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