Meet All Eight Mega Man 10 Evil Robot Masters


Dr. Wily must be hard up to come up with new ideas, as Mega Man 10 pits the Blue Bomber against such luminaries like Sheep Man, Strike Man, and Pump Man.

On some level, you have to feel sorry for Dr. Wily. After years and years of trying to take over the world in more than ten games, his Robot Masters just keep getting destroyed by a meddling blue robot. And then, the next time, he has to design and build eight more. You’d figure that it might be time for him to start reusing old designs, rebuilding Guts Man and Metal Man (and fixing their flaws) rather than sitting at the drawing board for hours before going “Eureka! Chicken Man!”

You’d figure, but that’s not the case: Capcom’s Japanese page for Rockman 10 revealed the game’s Robot Masters, and their profiles were helpfully translated by the folks over at the Mega Man Network. We already knew about Sheep Man, but there are some fresh new faces here for Mega Man to take on (in Easy Mode, if you’d like):

  • Sheep Man, who uses static electricity stored in his wool to zap people. And he just follows the crowd’s opinion, I guess.
  • Commando Man, who was once tasked with removing land mines and who now uses bombs as an attack. I guess we know what he did with the mines.
  • Nitro Man, who was a stunt robot and now transforms into a motorcycle. If that’s the power Mega Man gets from him, why need Rush?
  • Blade Man, who was created as a guide robot at a historical castle. Why would you give a guide robot two blades for arms and another blade for a head?
  • Solar Man, who worked at a solar research facility and creates a miniature sun on top of his head. OK, I’ll give them this one – that’s kind of cool.
  • Chill Man, who was apparently an amateur photographer who posted nature pictures to the Internet. And now he uses ice to freeze Mega Man. Okay then.
  • Strike Man, who despite the name is not a labor official, but a former baseball pitching robot. Talk about practice from hell.
  • Pump Man, who is a neat freak and uses his water pumping powers to clean graffiti off city streets. His favorite game is probably Mario Sunshine.
  • In all seriousness, these aren’t the worst Robot Masters we’ve ever seen, but good lord does Pump Man look stupid. I do kinda like the idea of Commando Man, Solar Man, and Nitro Man, though.

    How about you guys? Who wins and who loses in this new bunch?

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