Meet The Scout, Before He Was The Scout!


With the update for the Scout on Team Fortress 2 just on the horizon, Valve has released some concept art showing what the scout might have looked like, had things been a little different.

It’s easy to forget that Team Fortress 2 wasn’t always going to be a cartoony wonderland of madcap action, and was originally going to be a realistic military shooter. Somewhere along the line though, Valve changed its mind, which naturally necessitated a lot of redesigns. Valve, despite threats of bodily harm from the artist in question, have decided to share some of those redesigns with us.

Created by artist Dhabih Eng, the scout was the one of the first classes worked on when Valve decided to give Team Fortress 2 its cartoony look. Concept art show on Valve’s official Team Fortress blog shows the scout’s evolution from hyperactive bike-messenger to something resembling the scout that we’ve come to know and love.

Just don’t tell the artist that you’ve seen them, ok?

Source: Joystiq

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