Meet Two Guests of Arkham Asylum

As tension builds for the release of Arkham Asylum, Eidos is releasing profiles of who you’re going to meet – introducing Mr. Bane and Ms. Harlene Quinzel.

Psychiatric Report

As citizens of Gotham will know, the transformation of psychiatrist Dr. Harlene Quinzel to her alter ego of Harley Quinn was a great loss to the Asylum. She still walks Arkham’s corridors, although she is incarcerated there as a patient until such times as the Joker’s madness can be cured. Her apparent belief that the Joker is her boyfriend has driven her mind to create an alternate reality in which she is a court jester with sociopathic tendencies.

The criminal known only as Bane (video report) is more of a conundrum. Originally born to serve the death sentence of his father, the inmate of Peña Duro trained himself to a peak display of both mental and physical achievement before being experimented on by the drug known as Venom. While it does boost his natural abilities to superhuman levels, it also acts as a strong narcotic. It has proven impossible to wean him off Venom so far, but by keeping it at a minimal dosage, he is quite able to be contained in Arkham.

May I repeat at this opportunity that it is vital that both inmates are kept well away from the Joker as his influence on them is laughable.

Wait a minute? What did I mean by laugh…Ah ha ha ha HAHA HAHA HA!

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