The robot-centric Recore will be hitting Xbox One in Spring 2016.

Microsoft, at its E3 press conference today, has announced Recore, a new first party exclusive for Xbox One.

A sci-fi title starring a young woman and her robotic dog, the game was revealed alongside a CGI trailer that begins with the two exploring a barren desert. It quickly shifts pace however, when they stumble across a vault or shelter of some sort where they’re attacked by a pack of hostile robots. The fights seems to go badly at first but is quickly resolved when her aforementioned robo-pup self-destructs, wiping out both itself and the attackers. After blowing up however, robo-dog leaves behind a blue orb that the protagonist is able to insert into another empty robot shell, preserving its consciousness. The trailer also shows her collecting the orbs from enemy robots at one point.

The focus on robots isn’t surprising when you consider that Recore is being headlined by Mega Man-creator Keiji Inafune Working with him on the game is Armature Studios, a.k.a. the developers of the well-loved Metroid Prime games. While no specific release date has been revealed, Microsoft has indicated that it should be arriving next year in spring 2016.


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