The new trailer also shows off gym leaders, secret bases, and some kind of Pikachu cosplay contest.

Nintendo and Game Freak have just revealed a new trailer for its upcoming Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (dubbed “ORAS” by the fans). ORAS will feature a bunch of new “mega evolution” – a new kind of evolution first introduced in Pokemon X and Y – some of which have already been revealed. But, the new trailer reveals a new mega evolution for one of my personal favorite Pokemon: the floating steel monster, Metagross.

Its worth noting that Metagross is the signature Pokemon of Steven, the Elite Four Champion in the Ruby and Sapphire series.

Along with the mega Metagross reveal, the trailer shows off a few more new features we can expect in ORAS. First up, we see how the original game’s gym leaders will be brought into the 3DS’s 3D engine, and then we are given a sneak peak at “secret bases” – customization “housing” that players can make and invite others to enter (or try and “break into”).

One of the coolest features will be the ability to essentially turn your secret base into a personalized gym, forcing would-be intruders to battle a series of trainers while following a list of customizable battle rules.

The new games will also feature some sort of Pikachu cosplay contest, which appears to be related to the return of Pokemon Contests.

Source: Nintendo

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