Band front man Dave Mustaine has admitted the future of music is digital distribution and all you “old dinosaur bands” should prepare for lost sales.

Leading Rock Band‘s effort to sell whole albums over the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 online services, Mustaine’s band Megadeth has already added their collection Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying? as downloadable content. Fans waiting for the Megadeth classic Rust In Peace can’t expect it anytime soon as Harmonix hasn’t approached the band about licensing yet, even though Mustaine would “like to talk to them about it.”

In a brief video blog to his metal fans, Mustaine discussed how he supports selling songs over new mediums if it can lead to more dollars and continuing popularity for the band, which made itself known in the 80s and have continued working since.

“In fact, I think the advent of these new games and YouTube and MySpace and being able to upload your music – it’s the way of the future,” explained Mustaine. “These old fucking dinosaur bands that don’t want to put their music up on iTunes or have anything to do with you guys doing games with Rock Band and stuff like that. It’s just stupid. You know, just have mercy on them [the old dinosaur bands] and feel sorry for them and buy our stuff instead.”

Source: Kotaku

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