Mercury News Expects Jade Empire 2


Games journalist Dean Takahashi has received confirmation of Jade Empire 2‘s development.

Dean Takahashi, game reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, has dug up some interesting scoop concerning one of Bioware’s freshest franchises. While on his holiday break, the writer reportedly “talked with someone who saw code for Jade Empire 2,” and is confident enough in his source to confirm that the game is in development.

Since Bioware was acquired by Electronic Arts during 2007, Takahashi speculates that the publisher may bring Jade Empire 2 multi-platform. He speculates, “Jade Empire launched in spring 2005 on the Xbox. That means the team that created it has probably had a couple of years to work on it. During that time, I would guess that Microsoft secured it as an exclusive and they developed the game for that platform. But there is no law that says such games can’t be ported to the PS 3. And we all know how EA loves to do cross-platform games to maximize profits from a single property.”

Source: Mercury News

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