Gamers who’ve ever nurtured the hidden desire to make Hideo Kojima dance to their whim are in luck, because he can be recruited to your Mother Base staff in Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker.

We’re not quite sure how to do it since the only strategy guide is in Japanese, but Peace Walker players will be able to find “Game Designer Hideo” and bring him onto their team. Hideo, who, according to his profile is “… made up 70% of movies. You can decide what to do with the remaining 30%,” is not much for combat, but is an S-rank healer and information gatherer. He is also a terrible cook, which means that while you can make Kojima prepare your Peace Walker buffet, it’s probably not the best of ideas.

While searching for Hideo in-game, you’ll receive the clue “Have you heard the rumor that a god was found in the truck?” The god in question is, naturally, Kojima himself. As it turns out, one of the character’s middle and last names are made to sound like the phrase “Kojima is god” in Japanese, a further clue to finding the elusive game designer.

Source: andriasang

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