Here’s a cheerful look at some of the fun times that await in the dark, shattered tunnels of the Moscow Metro.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Nobody does a post-apocalypse like the Ukrainians. The blasted tunnels of the Metro are not a safe place where humanity gathers its strength before emerging to reclaim its rightful place as masters of the planet; they’re a place where ugly death waits around every corner and people are still slaves to their basest instincts. The Rangers are the baddest of the bad in this blighted place, and even they have life expectancies not much better than that of First World War fighter pilots – it’s a rough way to make a living.

To my mind, this first of three Metro: Last Light Survival Guide videos doesn’t really capture the worst of the Metro, and the narrator’s voice is upbeat (and healthy) enough to be misleading, in the sense that you might get the idea that some of the things that happen in this world aren’t completely awful. There also appears to be a few “improvements” over the original; Artyom seems to have picked up a digital watch, which appears much easier to read than the analog unit he wore in 2033, and while it might just be my imagination, the surface world looks a wee little bit less hostile than it did the first time around.

None of this will be terribly new to Metro veterans, although it might be reassuring to see that the sequel appears to be every bit as awful as the original, but if you’re a newcomer, this is what it’s all about. Welcome to the Metro!

Metro: Last Light comes out on May 14 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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