In the Metro, you will quickly run out of bullets, but you will never run out of enemies.

Stealth in Metro 2033 is a tricky thing. Complaints that it’s “broken” are common and even if you don’t happen to agree with that harsh assessment, there’s no question that it’s incredibly tough. Enemies can detect you for the least little thing (or sometimes seemingly for nothing at all) and once the jig is up, you better be ready to throw down.

Will it be better in Metro: Last Light? The emphasis on stealth in this Ranger Survival Guide video suggests that it’s been given more attention this time around, but “better” is relative and stealth in videogames is a tricky thing at the best of times. However you approach the situation, ammunition is indeed very scarce in this game, so a little discretion wouldn’t hurt – charging in with guns blazing is rarely a good idea in the Metro.

Which parts of 2033 worked and which didn’t, and whether it was broken in any particular way or just difficult and unforgiving, is still a matter of much debate. That’s perhaps the biggest challenge facing 4A Games in Metro: Last Light: smoothing the experience for a wider audience without alienating gamers who enjoyed the brutal, punishing gameplay of the original. Based on these videos, I’d say there’s a pretty good chance they’re going to get it right.

Metro: Last Light comes out on May 14 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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