Metroid Metal Live is releasing an album next week, full of classic Metroid tunes remixed in a metal style.

Metroid Metal is a collection of Metroid music remixed and performed as if it was played by Metallica. On September 8, Metroid Metal: Varia Suite, an official album containing a selection of rerecorded and redone Metroid Metal songs will be released to the waiting public.

The album is pretty cheap, available for pre-order here for just $8, or for $20 with a shirt and sticker. The band that plays these tunes is called Metroid Metal Live, and they are performing at PAX 2009 in case you happen to be attending. Their album should be available for the first time at the convention, too.

Lucky for us, MM Live has released a preview video proving just how awesome their upcoming album will be, though the ending caught me a little off guard (just wait and see).

Via: TinyCartridge

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