A man allegedly messaged girls from his local middle school, took them to a strip club and bought sex toys for them.

Police issued a warrant today for twenty-year-old Robert Lynch from Saline, Michigan, a town south of Ann Arbor, for sending chat messages on Xbox Live to girls from Saline Middle School. He met the girls online from January 8th to February 8th of this year, and arranged to meet at least two of the girls, who range in age from 11 to 14 years old. Police officials think that Lynch will turn himself in today and be arraigned on three counts “attempting to accost children for immoral purposes.”

Saline Police said that Lynch “used an Xbox Live device to communicate with the victims” by which they must mean an Xbox 360. The report did not disclose what game or games Lynch used to speak with the girls or if he merely used the chat or mail functions of Xbox Live.

Police are not charging Lynch with following through with any sexual acts, but he is alleged to have driven two girls to a strip club in the nearby town of Ypsilanti. The girls did not enter the establishment, but Lynch is accused of going in and buying sex toys which he then gave to the girls.

Lynch also apparently put condoms into an envelope and mailed the package to the girls. Police said they were tipped off by school officials, perhaps after the girls were overheard talking about the bag of condoms.

While I might respect the alleged sex offender’s commitment to safe sex, none of this was a very good idea. If the charges are true, I hope Lynch is punished and the victims are able to go on with their lives.

Source: The Detroit News

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