Microsoft has revealed new Xbox Live Arcade titles and RPGs from Japanese developers.

During their Tokyo Games Show press conference, Microsoft revealed some new titles coming to Xbox Live Arcade: Contra, Gyruss, Dig Dug, Track & Field from Konami, New-Rally-X, Rush’n Attack and the classic Ms Pac-Man. Konami’s first fighting game, Yie Ar Kung Fu, was also announced as exclusive for Japan.

With a good stable of RPGs necessary for any chance in Japan, Microsoft revealed new footage of Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, both exclusive RPGs from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi’s Mistwalker development house. Also announced was Truty Bell from Namco Bandai and Infinite Undiscovery from Tri-Ace, the company behind the Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean series. Keep an eye on Xbox Live for footage and possible demos of the upcoming RPGs.

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