A add-on that would allow the Xbox 360 to play Blu-ray movies is possible, Microsoft has said.

Having previously released an external accessory that allowed the system to play HD-DVD discs, Xbox group marketing manager Albert Penello told Reuters that he wanted the ultimate decision to be in customer’s hands.

“It should be consumer choice; and if [Blu-ray is] the way they vote, that’s something we’ll have to consider.”

The Xbox 360 is currently the only console capable of playing HD-DVD movies, while the PlayStation 3 is the only console capable of playing Blu-ray discs.

With Warner abandoning HD-DVD and Paramount rumored to be joining them soon, many are predicting the end of the format wars.

“You can’t say it’s not a bummer, not a setback, but I’ve seen this battle declared over so many times,” said Penello.

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