Microsoft COO Committed to Entertainment Division


Despite posting over a billion dollar loss so far in 2006, Microsoft remains determined to build its games and entertainment division.

In an interview with the Mercury News, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner, reinforced Microsoft’s resolve toward pursuing the Xbox brand while building its iPod competitor the Zune. Pointing out that it took “seven, eight or nine years” for the Windows brand to become profitable, Turner confirmed the Microsoft has no intention of backing down.

Said Turner, “We’re in it for the long term. This is a company committed to invest for the long term. We would like to make money quickly. But that’s not what changes the world.”

Microsoft launched its Xbox 360 in 2005 to compete with Sony’s upcoming Playstation 3, and plans to launch Zune, which will allow WiFi trading of DRM protected music files between users, on November 14th of this year.

Source: Next Generation

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