Thanks to a technical glitch, some Xbox Live users ended up paying more for Braid then they should have. Now Microsoft is refunding the difference, plus a little bit extra.

Microsoft started their ‘Deal of the Week’ back in February and first up was Jonathan Blow’s temporal platform-puzzler Braid; but thanks to a technical glitch some users were charged the full price of 1200 points, rather than the discounted price of 800 points.

In a message to those affected, Microsoft said, “We sincerely wish to apologize for the
technical glitch and would like to take this moment to thank you for your patience and understanding as our team worked around the clock to fix this problem.”

Well, it might have taken them a few months, but Microsoft are refunding the difference to all those effected, plus an extra 100 points to give their apology a little more weight.

The refunded points should be credited to affected accounts in the ‘coming weeks’.

Source: Kotaku

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