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Microsoft’s sales in Japan are at an all-time low.

While the Xbox One and PS4 may be neck-and-neck over in America, across the pacific ocean in Japan it’s a whole different story. Microsoft has traditionally performed quite poorly in the region, but this week it has hit an all-time low, selling just one hundred Xbox One consoles in the entire country.

Compare that to 10,000 PS4s, 16,000 Wii U’s, and 19,000 New 3DS XL’s and it paints a more complete picture of how unpopular the console is. Even PS Vita TV managed to outsell the XB1, moving 566 units last week.

On the software side of things, the 3DS dominated the charts, with Rhythm Tengoku The Best + and Dragon Ball Z Super Ultimate Fighter taking the top two spots. The best selling non-3DS game was Nintendo’s crazy squid shooter Splatoon, which managed to move an impressive 53,000 units in the country.

To add further insult to injury, in the top fifty best selling software for the week, there is not a single Xbox One game.

Makes you wonder why Microsoft even bothers with the region at all… Surely it’s operating costs must be higher than whatever it makes off of 100 sales a week.

Source: Media Create (Japanese)

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