Microsoft Revoking Free Fallout 4 Copies Grabbed Due to Xbox Store Error


If you grabbed Fallout 4 for free on Xbox One yesterday, it will be disappearing from your account.

Yesterday afternoon, Fallout 4‘s Deluxe Edition Bundle showed up on the Xbox Store for a very attractive price – $0.00. As you can imagine, word of the error spread quickly, and while no numbers are available, you can bet that many people took advantage of the deal to grab a copy for their Xbox One. That version of the game typically runs $109.99, and includes the Season Pass for all the DLC.

Of course, a price like that is too good to be true, and Microsoft has confirmed that any copies obtained due to the error will have their license revoked, and the games will disappear from the user’s Xbox One library. Speaking with Neowin, Xbox Support confirmed the error, saying, “Earlier we had a short maintenance on the server, so it happens that some items on the marketplace have been affected. The issue has been fixed now.” The support agent also confirmed that copies would be removed. “Those customers who were able to get the Fallout 4 Deluxe Edition for free will be removed under their licenses automatically.”

While pricing errors are sometimes honored in cases like these, it’s not surprising to see Microsoft revoking these licenses. After all, the mistake went viral, and there’s no telling how people were able to take advantage before the error was corrected. Since Fallout 4 isn’t a Microsoft product, they’d have to shell out whatever the agreed-upon price is to Bethesda for each copy “sold” like this. That’s not a cost Microsoft is likely to eat.

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