New clothing and accessories will be arriving every two weeks for the next six months.

With the New Xbox Experience update being pushed to Xboxes around the world today, everyone is getting a chance to create their very own Avatar to occupy their profiles. For those who have already done so, you may have noticed that your virtual closet was looking a bit bare, so it should come as both no surprise and welcome news that Microsoft will soon be rectifying this.

Xbox Live product unit manager, Jerry Johnson, told Videogaming 24/7 that “[Microsoft’s] going to be continually releasing and unlocking clothes for the next six months.” Additionally, Joystiq’s sister blog Xbox 360 Fanboy spotted an in-dashboard advertisement, stating that these new clothing options will be made available every two weeks, effectively doubling the available selections within a few months.

Microsoft has expressed interest to monetize the Avatar customization process, though no price was mentioned for these updates. Microsoft does plan on opening an Avatar store next Spring where players will be able to purchase new items for their Avatar and this series of updates sounds quite different than that.

On a related note, we’ve yet to hear of any developers offering Avatar clothing for achievements, much like some have already done with unlockable gamerpics. Microsoft has already stated that this is very much a possibility, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for the first game to make that happen.

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