Even though nothing’s been officially announced, it looks like Microsoft might have new Halo and Project Gotham titles in the works.

Microsoft certainly doesn’t seem to have a problem teasing its fans with future possibilities. Case in point: no new Halo game has been announced since Halo: Reach, but now the publisher is teasing Halo 5, courtesy of a news report from the UK.

British Channel 4 had a news team meet with Microsoft’s Jonathan Cluts, who used “hidden Kinect-like technology” to change the appearance of a wall in a concept house that the company built. As he was scrolling through the options for the wall in “Microsoft Home”, Cluts settled on an option for Grandma’s Room, but the options surrounding this choice were far more interesting: “Project Gotham Racing” and “Inside Halo 5.”

No explanation about these game features was offered, and those jerks at Channel 4 clearly weren’t interested enough in videogames to ask for some more details. While the Halo tease is interesting, it’s particularly curious that Microsoft hinted at Project Gotham Racing, which many folks have considered dead in the water following Activision’s acquisition of Bizarre Creations (though Microsoft was in negotiations last year with developers to bring back the franchise).

So what exactly is this teaser? Is it a hoax or a promise of things to come? Microsoft isn’t really saying anything right now, which means that the rumor mill will probably work itself into a mad fervor. Let’s be honest, though, we all know that there will eventually be a Halo 5, I’m just wondering what happened to Halo 4.

Source: Eurogamer

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