Microsoft’s new “Extreme” sale may sound a little ridiculous, but it’s also got some ridiculous deals.

Rejoice, Xbox Gamers! It’s time for yet another massive XBLA sale to begin, and the savings are going to be rolling out all week. The sale has been dubbed the “Extreme Shopping Sale”, goes from now until April 4th, and includes some pretty major discounts.

The current sales list is pretty massive, but here are some of the major highlights. The entire “Undead Nightmare” Collection Red Dead Redemption has been reduced to 1000 MS Points ($12.50) , Costume Quest is half-off at 600 MS Points ($7.50). Not only that, but some other great games like Monkey Island 2, Crazy Taxi, and Darwinia are also on sale at half price. Finally, come April 1st, Fallout: New Vegas‘s “Dead Money” add-on will be going for 400 MS Points ($5), while Fable 3‘s “Understone” DLC will go for 200 MS Points ($2.50).

You can read the (rather long) list of stuff that’s going to be on sale over at Major Nelson’s blog. Now, if you need me, I’m going to to be over here killing some undead cowboys.

Source: Major Nelson

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