The survival horror adventure Middle of Nowhere has taken to Kickstarter with a relatively modest funding target and a playable demo.

Middle of Nowhere hasn’t exactly set Kickstarter on fire since it began its second attempt to find funding a few days ago, nor is it being developed by famous industry veterans who did big things back in the 90s. It’s actually being created by a small indie team with no track record that I’m aware of, headed by a guy who is first and foremost a musician.

And while survival horror is a well-trodden path these days, Middle of Nowhere is worth a spot of attention for a few reasons. It comes to Kickstarter with a lot of material, for one thing, including some very nice concept art, a half-dozen soundtrack preview clips and, so far, three development videos. The Kickstarter page also provides biographies of the individual developers and a good breakdown of where the money raised will go.

But the big thing is the presence of a freely-downloadable demo that shows off what the team has managed to put together so far. It’s not a complete picture – the demo is a “pre-alpha build” and the team says that “everything will be changed” if the Kickstarter is successful – but simply coming to the table with something playable is a good start. A well-put-together Middle of Nowhere website supports the project further with screens, videos and other such details.

I haven’t played the demo so I can’t comment on whether or not it’s any good, and while the gameplay on display in the videos appears a bit choppy and unoptimized, that’s to be expected from anything in a pre-alpha state. But on the surface it looks rather promising, certainly enough to make the demo worth a go.

The Middle of Nowhere Kickstarter runs until November 1 and is aiming for £25,000 ($40,500) in funding. It’s also up for voting on Steam Greenlight, and if social networking is your thing you can follow the action on Facebook.

Source: Kickstarter

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