New Line Cinema is currently developing a film adaptation of the classic 1980’s coin-op Rampage.

Unlike some of the games getting the Hollywood treatment, Midway Games’ classic Rampage would actually make sense on the big screen. The game was heavily inspired by the giant monster movies of the 50’s, and the three playable characters were plainly ersatz monster movie icons.

For those unfamiliar with the title, Rampage was released back in ’86 and featured a trio of monsters – two of which were quite obviously based on Godzilla and King Kong, respectively – smashing their way through urban environments, eating people, swatting helicopters, punching buildings to death and generally being giant mutant douchebags. It had three player co op and it was glorious. Unfortunately, the series has fallen on hard times in recent years. The latest title, Rampage: Total Destruction for the PS2 and Wii was several different flavors of awful.

The movie, which will hopefully feature all kinds of lizard-on-building violence, is being “smartly-budgeted” and will apparently have the same tone as Ghostbusters and Independence Day. The project is currently being helmed by John Rickard, co-producer of films like A nightmare on Elm Street, Final Destination and the recent Horrible Bosses.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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