Minecraft Hires New Artist, Will Implement Multiplayer Next


The developer of Minecraft reports that he has hired an artist to help prettify the game.

While everyone is busy clicking away building stuff in Minecraft and the game has earned enough money to be called the surprise indie hit of 2010, you might not call it very pretty. The graphics are subpar at best, but that is part of the game’s charm. Notch, the creator and chief architect of Minecraft, seems to have taken some of the comments about the graphics to heart, though, and hired an artist to make everything look a little more stylized if not exactly “current-gen.” After hinting at the “secret-hire,” Notch announced today that the artist goes by the handle Junkboy, a Swedish artist whose pixel-art “demakes” of famous videogames The Escapist wrote about back in August.

There is no timetable for when Junkboy’s art will make it into the game, but I quite like his style and can’t wait for Minecraft to get a makeover. Perhaps the NCC-1701D will look even sweeter after Junkboy’s art goes in.

Notch also reported that he is busy coding “Survival Mode Multiplayer” but there is no word on when it will be implemented in Minecraft. The game has also migrated to new servers, and seems to have fully recovered from the DDOS attack which hampered Minecraft players two weeks ago.

Source: The Word of Notch

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