It seems there’s nothing you can’t build in MineCraft, even enormous piles of cash.

Retro-styled indie building game MineCraft nets its creator hundreds of thousands of dollars every day. The game, which currently costs around $14, is apparently selling one copy every three seconds.

MineCraft is almost entirely the work of a single person, Swedish programmer Markus Persson, and with no retail overheads, the money is going directly into his pocket. Persson has said that he was surprised by the game’s success and that while he thought he could make a living from it, he never thought it would make him rich. Persson also claimed that he had received job offers from Valve and Bungie, but had turned them down.

The game has a simple objective – harvest resources and use them to defend yourself from wandering enemies – but people have used it to create amazing structures. Persson built a rollercoaster in order to test the rideable mine carts he’d created, and others have put together impressive houses – that later got burnt down – and even the floating city of Columbia from BioShock Infinite.

Despite its popularity, MineCraft is still far from being finished. Persson is working on a beta version of the game – which he says is nearly complete – which will be slightly more expensive than the alpha version that is currently available. Purchase of the alpha version secures your copy of the beta version and the finished product though, so if you like the look of it, it’s worth getting in early.

Source: MCV

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