Minecraft Plugin Lets Players Build With Portals

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Did Minecraft really think it could get away without its very own Portal mod?

A plugin developer known as “matejdro” has fused the world of Minecraft with the technology of Portal. His Minecraft “PortalStick” plugin gives players the ability to create both blue and orange portals and travel between them. And… cue hundreds of Portal-themed Minecraft worlds.

True to its name, PortalStick has players using a stick as a Portal Gun. To demonstrate his plugin, which doesn’t require the use of client mods, matejdro put together a creative test chamber sequence.

As he moves through it, we see that the portals not only teleport players, but retain velocity and direction so that you can jump down into one and be flung out the other. In order for Minecraft builders to make their own test chambers just like you’d see in Portal 2, matejdro also implemented an emancipation grid material that destroys all unnecessary items from inventory and removes portals from their walls.

The portals even support the entry of boats and minecarts while players are in them, leading to some interesting possibilities for the, again, hundreds of test chamber worlds to come. Portal song “Still Alive” has already been played using Minecraft‘s musical blocks, and Minecraft even has cake, so this is just a match made in heaven.

To get the PortalStick plugin, go here.

*Update*: Readers have pointed out that there’s an extensive Minecraft mod that goes a bit more in-depth than this plugin. I like the ingenuity of the plugin, using only what’s already available in Minecraft‘s official code, but if you could care less about modding your client it’s something you’ll be interested in too. Check it out:

Thanks to everyone for the tip!

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